(nandrolone laurate)

Laurabolin was first used on animals before it was used on human beings. The FDA has never approved this drug so it can be a challenge for you to get your hands on this in the US. Laurabolin has many advantages that set it aside from the many steroids that people use. Steroid users do not like the pains in the joints that come with hard exercising so Laurabolin ensures that one heals from strenuous physical activities fast.

Laurabolin is a Nandrolone that has a similar structure to testosterone, with the only difference being it does not have a carbon atom at the 19th position. Some of the benefits of Laurabolin include increases muscle mass, and this is largely due to its ability to enhance nitrogen retention, IGF-1 production and protein synthesis. On that note, one needs to ensure protein supply while using Laurabolin is in high amounts. Once injected, it can remain in the body for days which means that you do not need to inject yourself with Laurabolin every day. Still, any injection of Laurabolin has a very low concentration of Laurabolin itself, and this means that one needs to have a lot in his bloodstream for it to have an effect. It takes some time to show effects, and this means you will have to continue its use for an extended period of time to garner a return. The rate of aromatization in Laurabolin is much lower as compared to many testosterone steroids and this is an upside of using Laurabolin. You will not have to deal with the effects of having too much estrogen in the body in the extent of some other steroids, but some caution will still need to be taken.

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As said, it takes some time to gain muscle with Laurabolin as compared to testosterone steroids, but the upside of this is that the gains are often of an extreme, high quality nature. If youíre looking for fast gains, this is definitely not the steroid for you, but if your patient the mass it can bring along with tremendous recovery and rejuvenation abilities will be just that; tremendous. In any case, this is a steroid that can be used by both men and woman; however, this should be one of the last choices for the female athlete. While only mildly androgenic in nature, this steroids androgenic nature is in some cases quite deceiving and it will carry a virilization rating that is much higher than you might think. With this in mind, there are simply better choices for women, but for men, this will also be a top choice with a high level of toleration.

Speaking of toleration, Laurabolin definitely carries potential side-effects and they are the same as every other Nandrolone compound; however, as is with all Nandrolone compounds, bothersome and damaging effects are all 100% avoidable in healthy adult men. Thatís right, you can supplement with Laurabolin with a high rate of success and nothing but success; for that matter, you can do so each and every time you supplement. Of course, in-order to pull this off youíre going to need to understand the compound, its positive and negative traits and all that comes with it; thankfully, youíre at the right place.